For 25 years, Uriage Thermal Water has been packaged at the source to offer you its many benefits, every day!

Uriage Thermal Water is a skincare water for daily use, a powerful cure treatment of trace elements and minerals, a source of radiance for your skin.

Range of dermatological cosmetics Uriage – facilities of care of skin on the basis of unique thermal water of Uriage.

This is the only thermal spa water with moisturising benefits, thanks to its high concentration in minerals similar to the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors).

Redness, irritation, diaper rash, minor surgical procedures, itching, sunburn, razor burn for men.

With its anti-free radical power.

Its filmogenic property leaves the skin soft and velvety-smooth.

Improve makeup wear
In the morning and at any time of the day!

DR.BELTER COSMETIC is a professional beauty care with natural, effective and sensual products made from selected, high grade raw materials.

The treatment range consists of 11 care lines for the optimal and methodical care of every skin type and age group. There is are a variety of products for personal care as well as an extensive range of products in professional sizes for beauty salons, including various special treatments.

The DR.BELTER professional care concept stands for renowned innovation in professional application, based on natural science with visible results and maximum skin compatibility.

The biochemist and leader of the research and development team, Dr. Clemens Belter develops, tests and constantly optimizes all DR.BELTER products in the company's own laboratories. The laboratories used for microbiology and quality assurance guarantee both, top quality and security.

In all respects the traditional principles that value nature, excellence and professionalism will continue to be upheld in the future.

The main objectives are DR.BELTER® COSMETIC:

  • strengthening the structures of the stratum corneum
  • restoration of the regenerative capacity of the skin and the functional activity of its barrier system
  • increase their own defense mechanisms

DR.BELTER® COSMETIC is a perfect blend of tradition with innovation, classic technologies and blends with the latest trends in cosmeceuticals and cosmetic widely known natural ingredients with the latest patented complex.


  • 95-100% natural ingredients
  • patented ingredients and herbal extracts for medical visible results maximum skin compatibility through biomimetic ingredients
  • German quality products

No parabens, mineral oils and silicone!

Concept of quality
Obvious results and maximum respect for the skin

A clear advantage is the use of the identical brand DLS-skin foundations, NMF-factors, special multilamellar spheres, proprietary systems, signaling molecules, high-tech peptides and messengers of organic plant ingredients and precious oils, which provides the highest efficiency, hypoallergenic, maximum compatibility of cosmetics with skin and a high safety profile.

  • Along with this, the brand Dr. Belter adheres ANTI Inflammaging concept.
  • Own laboratory used for microbiological research and monitoring products meet the highest quality and safety standards.
  • All products are manufactured, packaged and shipped directly from the factory in units.
  • Braunschweig, northern Germany. Production complies with GMP standards and EU directive.

A Solution for Every Lifestyle

A selections of target ingredients for formulas that fit your needs and lifestyle.

SVR Laboratories is an independent French company based just south of Paris. For 50 years, SVR has been developing and producing innovative dermo-cosmetic skin care that is recommended by health professionals and sold in pharmacies and drug stores in more than 50 countries.

SVR's products are effective and uncompromising in their choice and concentration of ingredients and product formulations. Our products undergo numerous quality control steps and are developed in accordance with very strict industrial processes.

The key words in the new SVR era are innovation, personalization and pleasure.

Our Promise to Our Customers
«Describe your lifestyle and your skin's needs, and we will develop active, specific, effective products for you in our laboratory».

SVR combines its skill in selecting ingredients with the experience of dermatologists and pharmacists, so users can feel more beautiful.

The inspiration for our skincare products came from our passion for the Ginkgo Biloba Tree. Its history takes us on an ancient journey to the genesis of the world, since the tree has adapted to the most precarious conditions for over 250 million years. Within living memory, the tree has been venerated in China for its extraordinary ability to resist extreme conditions, proving its capability to fight off not only bacteria but also urban and industrial pollution and having survived an atomic bomb. And it still continues to defeat time.

All lines for the care of skin Bioscreen:

  • Designed for sensitive skin
  • Tested and recommended by dermatologists
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with pharmaceutical standards
  • Packaging is designed to maintain the integrity of the formulas
  • They have a formula that minimize the risks of allergy and comedogenic

Bioscreen gives your skin:

creates a natural biological screen, thereby preventing the impact of adverse factors: record the content of flavonoids in the composition of natural Ginkgo Flavon 40 inhibits the production of free radicals by 50%, preventing oxidative stress and membrane protecting skin cells from destruction.

minimizes the symptoms of sensitivity: Ginkgo extract Flavon 40, even in minimal concentrations, significantly reduces redness by blocking the production of inflammatory mediators.

normalizes the skin's natural protective function: regulates microcirculation, strengthens the walls of capillaries and improves nutrition of the skin tissue.

stimulates the cells own potential: by 44% increases the synthesis of collagen fibers, increasing their density, 40% protects the elastin fibers from damage.

The first marine laboratory dermatological SEADERM in Belgium was founded in 2003. This is a dream come true, and the fruit of years of research of the Belgian pharmacist, dermatologist and cosmetologist Andre Masi. He traveled all the seas and oceans, to find the most effective algae contain huge concentrations of sea minerals.

SEADERM is the highest concentration of bioavailable minerals and trace elements marine (potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, iodine, iron, silicon, sulfur ... — almost the entire periodic table) in each vehicle.

And one more unquestionable advantage SEADERM - harvest seaweed collected in a green corner of the planet - the archipelago Molen (north of France, Breton Coast) - a natural biosphere reserve, protected by UNESCO.

Since 2005 SEADERM become a leading manufacturer of marine dermatokosmetiki. Mark is already represented in 50 countries and continues to evolve.

All products SEADERM hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, environmentally friendly, with light textures and fresh aromas; it brings pleasure to millions of women and men around the world have already discovered the advantages of SEADERM.

Face Range
It includes care products for both young and mature skin. Carefully selected "sea treasures" - the algae with lifting, moisture-retaining and heals (detox effect) properties, marine collagen, unique marine spring water o.Molen (Breton coast of France, UNESCO nature reserve), to help restore the beauty, youth and radiance of the skin.

Funds are based on the exclusive patented formula Labs "Siderm", among which:

  • HydrAtlantiс® Complex - Marine Atlantic kelp (codiaeum Tomentoza, Imontaliya Elongata) - provide prolonged moisturizing, increases the ability of skin cells to retain moisture and to adapt to stress, are the strongest antioxidants.
  • PulPacific® Complex - Pacific Marine algae (Lola Impleksa - "Botox effect" Ulvi Laktuka, Spirulina) - seal the skin, have a pronounced lifting effect, effectively protect the skin from harmful environmental effects

Body Range
All body products contain marine components in high concentrations for daily intensive moisturizing the skin and its remineralization. They are extremely soft, gently cleanse the skin without damaging the hydro-lipid mantle.

Laboratory SEADERM chosen as a key ingredient brown seaweed Laminaria. Laminaria is a source of bioavailable organic iodine, also contains a rich palette of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Means for the line of the body will return to your skin vitality and energy to ensure its care it deserves. And that is not all! With products SEADERM You can create a SPA-resort right at home.

Derma Range
Dermatological line SEADERM specially designed for skin problems such as dryness, itching, peeling, redness, irritation, acne, psoriasis, seborrhea, eczema ...

This line contains powerful healing components: dirt, salt and Dead Sea water, as well as plants with healing and reinforcing the skin barrier properties (Sea Fennel (crithmum) and Centella Asiatica).

We all want to have beautiful, thick and healthy hair. This is what prompted John in 1947 an item to create a line of anti-hair loss.

The new brand, he called his own name - Item.

Today ITEM brand offers an effective means for solving dermatological hair and scalp problems.

All funds have been tested under dermatological control, during which proved to be effective and well tolerated.

The rich experience gained in the study of dermatological problems, has led to the creation of the line tools that solve the most common hair problems:

  • symptoms of psoriasis on the scalp;
  • dandruff;
  • oily hair and scalp;
  • dry damaged hair;
  • sensitive scalp;
  • hair loss.

ITEM tools manufactured in France at the enterprises, which are regularly inspected by the relevant authorities. Item - recognized expert on hair care products.

Item - recognized expert on hair care products.

Skinormil – effective skin care products which has been developed by doctors and pharmacists.

All Skinormil products have passed numerous dermatological, gynecological and pediatric tests, depending on the requirements of each product.

Skinormil is produced at the best factories in Old Europe (Spain, France, Italy, England) and meets the strict requirements of the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Skinormil products are not tested on animals, they have all the EU quality standards.

The Brand concept:

  • Cosmeceuticals of active action
  • The purpose of the brand is to provide high-quality care products for both healthy and problem skin
  • Focus on active components -high efficiency
  • Supportive care for basic medical treatment
  • Pleasure and comfort during use
  • The brand philosophy is to provide dermatoesthetic products with high efficiency and absolute safety in use

Enhanced action against skin imperfections:

  • adolescents and adults
  • acne acne of any severity
  • care all round the year

Creator of Oligocosmetics since 1949

HORMETA Laboratories have developed unique complex combining the benefits of right concentrated specific trace elements, in highly effective cares for a balanced, beautiful radiant skin.

In this quest for excellence, the first complete skincare range was created, combining trace elements and key active ingredients, perfectly adapted to the different skin needs, to help prevent skin aging.

Made in Switzerland: GUARANTEE OF QUALITY

Drawing from the rich mineral and vegetal diversity of Switzerland’s natural environment, HORMETA Laboratories are members of “Swisscos”, the association for the protection of the origin of Swiss cosmetics that certifies the manufacturing and packaging of their products in Switzerland.

Beauty though Oligocosmetics

Trace elements are minerals that are naturally present in the human body and are essential in activating vital body functions. Trace elements play a key antioxidant role and, thanks to their combined effects, they have the ability to boost hydration and prevent skin aging.

Unique products and expertise

In order to help maintain a perfectly nourished and balanced skin, HORMETA Laboratories have combined 5 trace elements in their exclusive complex: copper, manganese, zinc, silicium and magnesium. In addition, they have selected high performance active ingredients and natural plant extracts to develop their unique formulas.

IXXI - new pine ECO-LUX

The French brand ІХХІ was born in the heart of Gascony Landes – the largest maritime pine forest in the south-west of France. Why in this place? Because maritime pine bark has a really natural treasure - highly bioactive polyphenol.

More than five years researches IXXI has given an active ingredient with powerful anti-aging qualities: OPC PIN®.

OPC PIN® has exclusive patent and received biocertificate ECOCERT.

What properties does this ingredient have and what is it valuable for the skin?

  • Powerful antioxidant
    neutralises free radicals that cause skin ageing.
    30 x more active than vitamin C*
  • Skin protectant
    preserves the elasticity and firmness of young skin.
    4 x more efficient than vitamin E*
  • Repairing
    restoring tone and density through greater synthesis of collagen, the main component of skin.
    +36% greater synthesis of collagen III**
    +18% greater synthesis of collagen IV**

Therefore, OPC PIN® – a rare, precious and powerful active ingredient providing global anti-aging skincare

Since that IXXI creates a range of anti-age products based on a precious patented natural ingredient OPC PIN®.

IXXI skincare range does not contain: parabens, phenoxyethanol, colour, silicone, glycols, ethoxylates, GMO, nanoparticles, mineral oil.

All products IXXI are composed of a minimum 90% ingredients of natural origin.

IXXI - your pine beauty expert!

EYE CARE brand was developed specifically for people wearing contact lenses and for people with intolerant skin and eyes.

EYE CARE – сomprehensive range of skin-care, nails-care and make-up products.

Innovation: Bio-inertia of formulations ensures a complete neutrality of the substances used on skin and ocular tissues for extreme tolerance.

Safety: a rational cosmetic with a choice in formulations that provides an extreme tolerance.

Naturality: components that are natural or from natural origin selected for their activity and innocuity.

Pleasure: sublime textures, refined with subtle fragrances, a wide area of tone possibility, from the most classical to the most trendy.